In addition to all kinds of custom made machines, KHU Sondermaschinen also offers paste extrusion machinery for the production of PTFE tubes and tapes as well as wire insulations.

Process: The PTFE mixture will be pressed into the preform and then placed into the Paste extruder. The forms will be heated up to 40°-60°C and then extruded through the conical extrusion die.

Advantages of our paste extrusion systems:

+ Low tolerance of wall thickness
+ Extrusion cylinder with heating for best extrusion quality
+ Loading by loading trolleys, no manual handling required
+ Permanent control of power, pressure and piston speed of the extrusion process
+ Spike electrically adjustable
+ Control via touchscreen – optional
+ Hydraulic clamping for fast loading of extruder
+ Data management of extrusion parameters

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