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Belt Type Capstan

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This machine consists of a solid construction which can be bolted to the floor and thereby easily integrated into your existing production line.

The belts can be individually adjusted according to your requirements. Pressing and tensioning can be done mechanically and pneumatically. The desired pressure can be steplessly adjusted. The high number of reels results in less wear and tear of the belts and a soft handling of the product (e.g. cable). According to your requirements the capstan could be equipped also with a three-phase motor and a gear box.


By extrusion, plastics technology

In addition to all kinds of custom made machines, KHU Sondermaschinen also offers paste extrusion machinery for the production of PTFE tubes and tapes as well as wire insulations.

Process: The PTFE mixture will be pressed into the preform and then placed into the Paste extruder. The forms will be heated up to 40°-60°C and then extruded through the conical extrusion die.

Advantages of our paste extrusion systems:

+ Low tolerance of wall thickness
+ Extrusion cylinder with heating for best extrusion quality
+ Loading by loading trolleys, no manual handling required
+ Permanent control of power, pressure and piston speed of the extrusion process
+ Spike electrically adjustable
+ Control via touchscreen – optional
+ Hydraulic clamping for fast loading of extruder
+ Data management of extrusion parameters

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