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Machinery and Production Lines for Cable Production and Cable Manufacture

KHU Sondermaschinen develops, designs and fabricates stock and custom machinery and production plants for the cable and wire industry. Our customers value the quality and performance of our cable production plants and automated cable harness plants. Among complete cable production plants we offer a comprehensive supply of components, such as pay-off, take-up, caterpuller and capstans, stranding machinery, twisters and much more. If you can not find what you are searching for please contact us for we are happy to make machinery that does not exist yet. We concentrate on innovative designs to supply our customers with revolutionary products giving them the key competitive advantage.

Impact Test

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Q-TI 40

According to IEC-794-E4

The cable sample is clamped between two clamping jaws.
A weight which is located on a guiding unit is adjusted and released automatically and moves in free fall downwards onto the cable sample.

An automatic STOP is possible after the expiry of the programmed time.

This test can be executed automatically and manually.

The required mounting equipment for two different cable diameters comes with the testing apparatus.

Technical Data
Cable sample diameter: 3 – 40 mm
Cycles adjustable: 0 – 30
Fall height adjustable: 500 -1.000 mm
Radius of hammer: 300 mm
Weights: 1 – 10 kg (10 x 1 kg)

Torsion Testing Equipment

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Q-TT 2000

according to IEC-794-1-E7

Technical Data

Cycles: 0 – 40
Tension stress of specimens: 1 – 10 kg
Clamping device intake: 5 – 40 mm
Length of testing cables: 100 – 2.000 mm
Central pass: max. 30mm

Clamping device for diameter 5mm and 35mm included
Clamping device for diameter (dimension at buyer`s option)


Water Penetration Test

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Q-TWP 1000

This test is aided for filled cables in order to test whether the cables are continuously filled with a substance which prevents water from entering the cable.

The equipment is prepared for simultaneous testing of 6 cable specimens.

Furthermore the apparatus is equipped with water connections for filling and draining.

Technical Data

Head of Water:       1000 mm
Cable diameter:     5 – 40 mm


Repeated Bending Test

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Q-TRB 40

according to IEC-794-1-E6

Technical Data

Cable diameter:                  3 – 40 mm
Bending radius:    approx. 10 times wire diameter       50 / 350 mm include
Cycle:      0 – 30 strokes
Tension weights:                1 – 10 kg (10 x 1 kg)
Bending radius 75/100/125/150/175/200/225/250/275/300/325

Clamping device for diameter 5mm and 35mm included
Clamping device for diameter (dimension at buyer`s option)

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