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Concentric Tape Binder

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Concentric Tape Binder BW560


This tape binder provides an automatic reel take-up via pneumatic pintles, facilitating high rotational speeds with heavy reels. The tape is pulled tangentially from the reel by a driven flyer ring and then wound helically around the cable to the stranding die core by a guiding system. The BW 560 is equipped with a pneumatic brake for a quick stop.

BW560 TECHNICAL DATA (also available for other products)

Reel dimensions
Outside diameter………………… 560mm
Max. weight …………………………. 450kg
Tape thickness apr. ………. 0.1-0.2mm
Tape width ………………… 5.0-12.0mm

General machine data
Cable passage…………….. max. 65mm
Lay length……………………. adjustable
Flyer …………………………… 750 min-1
Drive…………………. AC – servo motor

Belt Type Capstan

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This machine consists of a solid construction which can be bolted to the floor and thereby easily integrated into your existing production line.

The belts can be individually adjusted according to your requirements. Pressing and tensioning can be done mechanically and pneumatically. The desired pressure can be steplessly adjusted. The high number of reels results in less wear and tear of the belts and a soft handling of the product (e.g. cable). According to your requirements the capstan could be equipped also with a three-phase motor and a gear box.


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The first tubeless tubular strander – the Q-SVM.

Our all new prototype of a high-speed strander – a paradigm shift in cable production.

This new high-speed cable strander is lighter, safer and faster then conventional tubular stranding machines, incorporating many more interesting features.

April 7th – April 11th WIRE Düsseldorf

Austria Pavillion – Hall 10A56-07.

If you have further questions please contact us for more information.

Tensile Strength Test

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Q-TTS 50

The cable sample is put into the testing device and clamped at the designed places.
The desired tensile force has to be defined.
An automatic STOP is possible after the expiry of the programmed time.

Technical Data

Pulling force pneumatic: 100 – 5.000 N
Testing length approx. 600 m

Pulling force hydraulic: 4.000 – 30.000 N
Testing length approx. 600 m

Pulling force hydraulic: 4.000 – 50.000 N
Testing length approx. 360 m

Cable diameter: 5 – 40 mm


Crush Test

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Q-TCT 600

According to IEC-794-1-E3-Crush

The cable sample is tightened into the testing device, then pinched between a stationary flat steel plate and a movable 100 mm (length) steel plate whereupon transverse pressure is applied on the cable sample.

The desired pressure has to be defined.

An automatic STOP is possible after the expiry of the programmed time.

This test can be executed automatically and manually.

Measuring unit for calibration of pressure setting including display.

Technische Daten

Cycle time adjustable 0 – 300 sec
Steel plates 100 x 100 mm
Pressure 20 – 6.000 N
Cable sample length 500 mm
Cable diameter 3 – 40 mm

Querdruck Kabeltest

Makromelt machine

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This machine is designed to inject liquid synthetic, so called makromelt onto assembled cable ends.
Up to 24 moulds are mounted on a round table. A servo motor drives a piston pump which injects the hot liquid synthetic by volumetrically metering into the mould.
The water cooled moulds are easy to replace which adds to productivity and efficiency.
With this machine it is also possible to use various moulds at the same time thanks to the individually adjustable amount of makromelt volume per station. This makes cable manufacturing very efficient for cables with different types of plugs.
Above the pump is the heated repository which will refill itself automatically by the means of a suction device.
Production sequence
The desired volume of makromelt is defined on the control panel.
After pre heating, the machine starts the automatic manufacturing process.
The plugs are placed upwards into the moulds while the cable is free-hanging. Longer cables can be attached to the cable holder beneath the mould.
For the alignment of the pins a fitted counter plug is to be mounted. Hence the round table feeds the injection tool with the cable by rotation. The mould with the inserted plug is then pressed pneumatically towards the opening of the injection tool starting the moulding process automatically.
After attaining the volume the mould goes back into the starting position and the round table rotates to the next station.
The round table is designed to hold 10 or 22 stations for cooling of the injected makromelt, depending on the machine type.
When reaching the end position the finished cable is to be removed from the machine.
Technical data

Dimension (LxWxH): approx. 400 x 300 x 250 cm
Weight: approx. 2000 kgs
Injecting volume: up to 150 ccm
Injection speed: up to 3,5 l/min
Cycle time of round table: approx. 0,5 – 1 sec.
No. of stations: up tp 24
Volume of heated repository: approx. 4l
Capacity of suction device: 150kgs/h
Heating capacity of injection device: approx. 4kW
Nominal cooling capacity: approx. 14kW
Electrical supply: 3~400V/50Hz
Pneumatics connection: approx. 5bar, 250l/min

Flexing Apparatus

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Q-TFA 40

according to IEC-794-1-E8 DYNAMIC

Technical Data

Cable diameter   5 – 40 mm
Bending diameter  (S-Form):      approx. 10x cable diameter       50/100/150/250/350mm included

Cycle:                   0 – 30 strokes
Tensioning weights per side: 1 – 20 kg (10 x 1 kg and 5 x 2 kg)


Impact Test

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Q-TI 40

According to IEC-794-E4

The cable sample is clamped between two clamping jaws.
A weight which is located on a guiding unit is adjusted and released automatically and moves in free fall downwards onto the cable sample.

An automatic STOP is possible after the expiry of the programmed time.

This test can be executed automatically and manually.

The required mounting equipment for two different cable diameters comes with the testing apparatus.

Technical Data
Cable sample diameter: 3 – 40 mm
Cycles adjustable: 0 – 30
Fall height adjustable: 500 -1.000 mm
Radius of hammer: 300 mm
Weights: 1 – 10 kg (10 x 1 kg)

Torsion Testing Equipment

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Q-TT 2000

according to IEC-794-1-E7

Technical Data

Cycles: 0 – 40
Tension stress of specimens: 1 – 10 kg
Clamping device intake: 5 – 40 mm
Length of testing cables: 100 – 2.000 mm
Central pass: max. 30mm

Clamping device for diameter 5mm and 35mm included
Clamping device for diameter (dimension at buyer`s option)