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With the use of CNC-Machines we manufacture precision parts out of all materials. In addition to our CNC-machinery we also utilize conventional machining tools, like lathe and milling machines, horizontal boring machines, circular grinders, profile grinders and surface grinders as well as our own steel construction department. We also offer all kinds of surface and heat treatment which will be prepared by our selected distributors.

Crush Test

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Q-TCT 600

According to IEC-794-1-E3-Crush

The cable sample is tightened into the testing device, then pinched between a stationary flat steel plate and a movable 100 mm (length) steel plate whereupon transverse pressure is applied on the cable sample.

The desired pressure has to be defined.

An automatic STOP is possible after the expiry of the programmed time.

This test can be executed automatically and manually.

Measuring unit for calibration of pressure setting including display.

Technische Daten

Cycle time adjustable 0 – 300 sec
Steel plates 100 x 100 mm
Pressure 20 – 6.000 N
Cable sample length 500 mm
Cable diameter 3 – 40 mm

Querdruck Kabeltest