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Cable Machinery

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Machinery and Production Lines for Cable Production and Cable Manufacture

KHU Sondermaschinen develops, designs and fabricates stock and custom machinery and production plants for the cable and wire industry. Our customers value the quality and performance of our cable production plants and automated cable harness plants. Among complete cable production plants we offer a comprehensive supply of components, such as pay-off, take-up, caterpuller and capstans, stranding machinery, twisters and much more. If you can not find what you are searching for please contact us for we are happy to make machinery that does not exist yet. We concentrate on innovative designs to supply our customers with revolutionary products giving them the key competitive advantage.


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Leading companies from many industries rely on the products and services of KHU Sondermaschinen. We have planned, designed, engineered, manufactured, built and started a high number of machines and plants for our customers.

The diversity of our past projects has enriched our experience, making us a competent and innovative partner the most challenging tasks.

Here is a list of a few chosen products.

Automated processing machines
Boring Machine for Special Screws
Milling and Boring Machine
Worm-Milling Machine
Production Plants
Can Closing Machine
Filter Production Plant
PVC Profile Extrusion
Testing Equipment
Crush Test
Torsion Test
Test Cell for thin metal sheet production
Paper Printing Machinery
Paper Web turning Equipment
Post- Press Packaging Facility
Longitudinal Perforation Machine
Plants for Chemical Industry
Gas Bottle Filling Plant
Can Closing Machinery
Assembly Facilities
Bogie Lifting Stand
Welding Facility for Stovepipes
Product development
Escalator Stair
Safety Carabines
Paste Extrusion
Dual Paste Extruder


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catterpullers, belt-type capstans, wheel-capstans, multiple wire capstans

In the field of catterpullers and capstans KHU Sondermaschinen offers a broad range of equipment tailored to your specific need. Whether big or small – we build them all.

This machine consists of a solid construction which can be bolted to the floor and therefore is easy to integrate into your existing production line.

The belts can be individually adjusted according to your requirements. Pressing and tensioning can be done mechanically and pneumatically. The desired pressure can be steplessly adjusted. The high number of reels results in less wear and tear of the belts and a soft handling of the product (e.g. cable). According to your requirements the capstan can also be equipped with a three-phase motor and a gear box.

Wheel-capstans for almost all requirements: cable, ribbon, sheathed pellets. In addition to our stock capstans we provide individually designed capstans for your purpose.

KHU Sondermaschinen also fabricates take-off caterpillars, drum pull-offs, multiple wire capstans. There are no limits regarding size and design. Contact us today for your quote.


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The first tubeless tubular strander – the Q-SVM.

Our all new prototype of a high-speed strander – a paradigm shift in cable production.

This new high-speed cable strander is lighter, safer and faster then conventional tubular stranding machines, incorporating many more interesting features.

April 7th – April 11th WIRE Düsseldorf

Austria Pavillion – Hall 10A56-07.

If you have further questions please contact us for more information.

Tensile Strength Test

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Q-TTS 50

The cable sample is put into the testing device and clamped at the designed places.
The desired tensile force has to be defined.
An automatic STOP is possible after the expiry of the programmed time.

Technical Data

Pulling force pneumatic: 100 – 5.000 N
Testing length approx. 600 m

Pulling force hydraulic: 4.000 – 30.000 N
Testing length approx. 600 m

Pulling force hydraulic: 4.000 – 50.000 N
Testing length approx. 360 m

Cable diameter: 5 – 40 mm


Torsion Testing Equipment

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Q-TT 2000

according to IEC-794-1-E7

Technical Data

Cycles: 0 – 40
Tension stress of specimens: 1 – 10 kg
Clamping device intake: 5 – 40 mm
Length of testing cables: 100 – 2.000 mm
Central pass: max. 30mm

Clamping device for diameter 5mm and 35mm included
Clamping device for diameter (dimension at buyer`s option)



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At KHU Sondermaschinen we design, produce and supply high quality and high performance SZ-Stranding machinery. We offer three types of SZ-stranders. Depending on the cable product we provide the right type of SZ-Strander.

SZ Verseilmaschine Linearantrieb

torsion drive

Usually fiber optic cables are twisted with SZ-Stranders with torsion drive because of low production speed.

Our torsion drive SZ-Stranders are not only highly dynamic and the budget-friendly alternative to SZ-Stranders with individual drive, but they are the fastest available.

linear drive

Stranding a product of greater diameter results in an increase of mass which requires more power.

For this application KHU Sondermaschinen has replaced the torsion shaft with a special system that drives the stranding disks with absolute linear motion over the complete accumulation length.

individual drive

For special products and high production speeds KHU Sondermaschinen offers SZ-Stranders with individual drives.

This type of SZ-Strander with individually powered stranding-disks enables mathematically exact twisting angles.

Repeated Bending Test

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Q-TRB 40

according to IEC-794-1-E6

Technical Data

Cable diameter:                  3 – 40 mm
Bending radius:    approx. 10 times wire diameter       50 / 350 mm include
Cycle:      0 – 30 strokes
Tension weights:                1 – 10 kg (10 x 1 kg)
Bending radius 75/100/125/150/175/200/225/250/275/300/325

Clamping device for diameter 5mm and 35mm included
Clamping device for diameter (dimension at buyer`s option)

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