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catterpullers, belt-type capstans, wheel-capstans, multiple wire capstans

In the field of catterpullers and capstans KHU Sondermaschinen offers a broad range of equipment tailored to your specific need. Whether big or small – we build them all.

This machine consists of a solid construction which can be bolted to the floor and therefore is easy to integrate into your existing production line.

The belts can be individually adjusted according to your requirements. Pressing and tensioning can be done mechanically and pneumatically. The desired pressure can be steplessly adjusted. The high number of reels results in less wear and tear of the belts and a soft handling of the product (e.g. cable). According to your requirements the capstan can also be equipped with a three-phase motor and a gear box.

Wheel-capstans for almost all requirements: cable, ribbon, sheathed pellets. In addition to our stock capstans we provide individually designed capstans for your purpose.

KHU Sondermaschinen also fabricates take-off caterpillars, drum pull-offs, multiple wire capstans. There are no limits regarding size and design. Contact us today for your quote.