cable machinery and lines for production, confectioning, testing and handling of cables and conductors.

Water Penetration Test

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Q-TWP 1000

This test is aided for filled cables in order to test whether the cables are continuously filled with a substance which prevents water from entering the cable.

The equipment is prepared for simultaneous testing of 6 cable specimens.

Furthermore the apparatus is equipped with water connections for filling and draining.

Technical Data

Head of Water:       1000 mm
Cable diameter:     5 – 40 mm


Cable Manufacturing Plant

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This construction is built for the automatic harnessing of cables (wires) and cable loops for the automotive industry. This KHU cable assembly plant handles two-componant glued and pressed cable shoes. It produces and insulates the cable loops and afterwards tests and monitors the finished product. The entire plant is operating automatically, ensuring high-end quality products for maximum safety of the end customer.

Repeated Bending Test

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Q-TRB 40

according to IEC-794-1-E6

Technical Data

Cable diameter:                  3 – 40 mm
Bending radius:    approx. 10 times wire diameter       50 / 350 mm include
Cycle:      0 – 30 strokes
Tension weights:                1 – 10 kg (10 x 1 kg)
Bending radius 75/100/125/150/175/200/225/250/275/300/325

Clamping device for diameter 5mm and 35mm included
Clamping device for diameter (dimension at buyer`s option)

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