By November 26th, 2015cable

At KHU Sondermaschinen we design, produce and supply high quality and high performance SZ-Stranding machinery. We offer three types of SZ-stranders. Depending on the cable product we provide the right type of SZ-Strander.

SZ Verseilmaschine Linearantrieb

torsion drive

Usually fiber optic cables are twisted with SZ-Stranders with torsion drive because of low production speed.

Our torsion drive SZ-Stranders are not only highly dynamic and the budget-friendly alternative to SZ-Stranders with individual drive, but they are the fastest available.

linear drive

Stranding a product of greater diameter results in an increase of mass which requires more power.

For this application KHU Sondermaschinen has replaced the torsion shaft with a special system that drives the stranding disks with absolute linear motion over the complete accumulation length.

individual drive

For special products and high production speeds KHU Sondermaschinen offers SZ-Stranders with individual drives.

This type of SZ-Strander with individually powered stranding-disks enables mathematically exact twisting angles.