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Also in 2018 we had the opportunity to present our novelties at the WIRE in Düsseldorf. We were very happy about the high number of visitors and had many interesting conversations. In addition to the SZ-40 stranding machine and the SZ-140 shielding stranding machine from our wide SZ stranding machine program, we also presented our new Cross-binder and the highlight: Our new CuBW500, the world’s fastest copper tape binder.


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Leading companies from many industries rely on the products and services of KHU Sondermaschinen. We have planned, designed, engineered, manufactured, built and started a high number of machines and plants for our customers.

The diversity of our past projects has enriched our experience, making us a competent and innovative partner the most challenging tasks.

Here is a list of a few chosen products.

Automated processing machines
Boring Machine for Special Screws
Milling and Boring Machine
Worm-Milling Machine
Production Plants
Can Closing Machine
Filter Production Plant
PVC Profile Extrusion
Testing Equipment
Crush Test
Torsion Test
Test Cell for thin metal sheet production
Paper Printing Machinery
Paper Web turning Equipment
Post- Press Packaging Facility
Longitudinal Perforation Machine
Plants for Chemical Industry
Gas Bottle Filling Plant
Can Closing Machinery
Assembly Facilities
Bogie Lifting Stand
Welding Facility for Stovepipes
Product development
Escalator Stair
Safety Carabines
Paste Extrusion
Dual Paste Extruder

Quality Management

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Quality sells best.

The key factor to our company’s success is the continuous enhancement of our production methods with regards to superior quality of our design, machinery and production and assembly plants we provide.

We have developed our formula Q5

– Quality of the company
– Quality of the idea
– Quality of the work
– Quality of the process
– Quality of the product

In the pursuit of perfection in building custom machinery and automated plants that last for decades, we have strived to provide the best possible training for our employees. All of our employees being experts in various fields guarantees an optimal level of experience and know-how when it comes to creating first class quality machinery.

Focus of Research and Development

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We are not picky.

We do not choose our projects. Your projects choose us.

Our customers come to us in search of a competent partner for designing and creating astonishing custom machinery and production plants. Yet as years go by, our customers repeatedly return to us with new ideas that we are happy to turn into reality.

We specialize in developing great solutions, so you can continue or even improve the production of your great products.

Business Integration
Cable & Wire

Product Development

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What you can imagine is what we can create.

Our product development is driven by the experience and the expertise of multifarious industry projects. We offer complete system solutions with regard to product definition, product design, prototyping, product realization and optimization.

Our experienced and creative engineers plan, design and construct according to the needs of our customers. Once finished we put the design into reality in our workshop. Having everything it takes from steelwork to machining, milling, grinding, lathe-work and control engineering within our factory gives us a high grade of flexibility.

Continuously communicating with our customers and partners guarantee the ultimate in quality in regard to the development of functional specification as well as machine and construction documentation. Not only do we design entire machines and constructions from scratch but we also modify existing machines and production plants.



the tradition of innovation

KHU Sondermaschinen was started in 1984 by founder and owner Peter Khu.

Together with with a staff consisting of creative and talented experts, Peter Khu envisions, designs and fabricates custom machinery and automated assembly and production plants. Putting great importance on the principles of classical mechanical engineering KHU Sondermaschinen is focused on developing innovative products for the industry of tomorrow.

Over the years KHU Sondermaschinen became known as a company who will do what others can not. KHU Sondermaschinen is always ready to solve tricky problems by providing comprehensive, innovative and unique solutions.

This attitude of constant improvement and high value engineering work results in the continuos growth of the company’s expertise.


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KHU Fertigung

With the use of CNC-Machines we manufacture precision parts out of all materials. In addition to our CNC-machinery we also utilize conventional machining tools, like lathe and milling machines, horizontal boring machines, circular grinders, profile grinders and surface grinders as well as our own steel construction department. We also offer all kinds of surface and heat treatment which will be prepared by our selected distributors.



About KHU Sondermaschinen

KHU Sondermaschinen specializes in the design and fabrication of innovative custom machinery, automated manufacturing and assembling plants for nearly every industry.

Over 30 years of experience and expertise in engineering, designing and manufacturing unique custom machinery and factory automation systems makes us an innovative and reliable partner for challenging projects. We combine the tradition of classical mechanical engineering with innovative and revolutionary concepts in order to create next level machinery and plants for the market of tomorrow.

Inventing and building high quality and cost saving machinery that will improve production process and increase product quality is our obligation towards our customers. We offer quality custom and stock machinery and upgrade kits for nearly every industry including Aerospace, Automotive, Business Integration, Cable & Wire, LPG, Pharmaceutical, Plastics, Print, Railway and many more.

Experienced in engineering semi or fully automated machines and plants, we provide  flexible and highly efficient equipment that will dramatically improve your performance and productivity.

Not only do we design and build unique custom machinery from scratch, we also modify existing systems with our cutting edge technology solutions boosting your equipment to the highest possible level.

Our dedicated multi-disciplined team of engineers design up to entire plants and install all electrical, hydraulic, mechanical, and pneumatic subsystems and do the start up. We employ professionals that are highly trained and experienced ranging from young to old fostering a culture of hard work and diligence. Our committed, talented and creative minds with the necessary know-how to create and build masterpieces of machinery work hand in hand with our customers in order to meet every single need and to exceed expectations.

Our goal is to provide innovative, cutting edge, modular equipment that will meet your production needs giving you a great advantage in your market. To learn more about our products and services and how our innovations can boost your plant floor performance giving you a leading edge in your industry, contact us today.


KHU Sondermaschinen – the art of machinery

Knowhow bundled with experience and expertise

a highly diverse portfolio

multifarious projects in a broad rage of industrial branches

KHU Fertigung

Custom Machinery


Custom machinery – innovative and intelligent

Extraordinary products require extraordinary machinery.
One could compare machinery to clothing. An off-the-rack suit rarely fits perfectly. Only a tailor-made suit portrays the wearer at their best.
Production machines are like tailor-made suits. The better a machine is adjusted to the product, the more efficiently the machine will produce the product. We are talking about custom machinery.

In custom machinery engineering, machines are envisioned, designed and fabricated from scratch. The enormous advantage of the added effort is the added value: tailor made machinery for an ideal production process and the perfect product.

The development, design and fabrication of novel and innovative machines and production plants is the speciality of KHU Sondermaschinen.

Systems Engineering

Laboratory Stirrer


Print and Paper

Automated Machining

Manufacturing Machines