Strander SZ-40-B

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The SZ-40 B is a compact SZ-Strander that enables exact linear stranding over the complete accumulation length of the machine. KHU Sondermaschinen provides suitable SZ-machines as well as complete machine groups for upgrading or adapting your existing production line for the stranding of power cable cores, CU installation cables or for the screening of power cables with Cu-wires.

* compact, solid design
* linear torsion of stranding disk
* for high speed production
* high number of twists
* short reversal length
* gentle stranding
* low friction
* direct drive of all elements
* simple to integrate
* including safety devices
* high quality product
Technical Data

Number of Stranding elements, max … 3-7
Diameter of Stranding elements …… max. 6,0 mm
Typical application …………….. CU-building wire
Accumulator length ……………… 4000 mm
Max. lays per direction …………. max. 12
Max. speed of rotor …………….. 3500 rpm
Max. production speed …………… 500 m/min
Construction length …………….. 4500 – 6000 mm


+ Control system with display
+ Longidutinal movement
+ Cross movement
+ Additional rotor, – stranding disks
+ Tension control unit
+ Paper longidutinal folding for UL-Cables

Focus of Research and Development


We are not picky.

We do not choose our projects. Your projects choose us.

Our customers come to us in search of a competent partner for designing and creating astonishing custom machinery and production plants. Yet as years go by, our customers repeatedly return to us with new ideas that we are happy to turn into reality.

We specialize in developing great solutions, so you can continue or even improve the production of your great products.

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Product Development

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What you can imagine is what we can create.

Our product development is driven by the experience and the expertise of multifarious industry projects. We offer complete system solutions with regard to product definition, product design, prototyping, product realization and optimization.

Our experienced and creative engineers plan, design and construct according to the needs of our customers. Once finished we put the design into reality in our workshop. Having everything it takes from steelwork to machining, milling, grinding, lathe-work and control engineering within our factory gives us a high grade of flexibility.

Continuously communicating with our customers and partners guarantee the ultimate in quality in regard to the development of functional specification as well as machine and construction documentation. Not only do we design entire machines and constructions from scratch but we also modify existing machines and production plants.


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The first tubeless tubular strander – the Q-SVM.

Our all new prototype of a high-speed strander – a paradigm shift in cable production.

This new high-speed cable strander is lighter, safer and faster then conventional tubular stranding machines, incorporating many more interesting features.

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