Cable Machinery

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Machinery and Production Lines for Cable Production and Cable Manufacture

KHU Sondermaschinen develops, designs and fabricates stock and custom machinery and production plants for the cable and wire industry. Our customers value the quality and performance of our cable production plants and automated cable harness plants. Among complete cable production plants we offer a comprehensive supply of components, such as pay-off, take-up, caterpuller and capstans, stranding machinery, twisters and much more. If you can not find what you are searching for please contact us for we are happy to make machinery that does not exist yet. We concentrate on innovative designs to supply our customers with revolutionary products giving them the key competitive advantage.

Cable Manufacture

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We provide machines and equipment for automated cable preparation and manufacture, ranging from stations for manual operation to fully automatic cable harnessing lines. Our systems are built in linear or round table transfer designs and perfectly tailored for processing your product. It is also possible to integrate more stations at a later point for processing a variety of products with one single automatic cable manufacturing line. As an experienced system integrator we can provide you the best suited system to realize fully automated cable harness production.


We provide different kinds of Pay Off’s and Take-Up’s depending on your purpose.


For optimal de-reeling and stable cable processing down the line we provide custom designed dancer systems.

Cutting to length

We have developed processes for automatic de-reeling, measuring, feeding and cutting cables to length for a broad variety of cables, e.g. energy cables, data cables, wires, coax cables…


For stripping cable jackets we have developed specific processes for best repeatability results and therefor maximized process safety.

Stripping Outer Conductor

For safe stripping of coax- and antenna cables we have designed a system for valley and peak detection in order to precisely cut and strip outer conductors.

Dielektrikum Einschneiden und Abziehen

Equipment for cutting and removing of dielectric without residues.

Inspection & QM

We measure cable prep and stripping levels prior to applying connectors to make sure that all specifications are within tolerance for cables with best electrical conductivity und pristine cable quality.

Connector assembly

Thanks to a lot of different cable manufacturing machines that we have delivered to our customers, we have gained much experience also with handling connectors and processing them by soldering, welding, crimping and pressing.

Inline Overmould

For our automatic cable manufacturing lines we have developed an overmould process for over moulding cables automatically and within the cable processing line.

Cut to length and strip

For partial automatisation of cable harness we provide compact machines, which produce cables that are cut to length, stripped and conveniently presented to the operator.


With our innovative solder feed measuring we provide soldering stations for induction brazing and resistance soldering with dual monitoring. By that we make sure that the soldered contacts are a 100% within the specification and your cables perform at their best.


Automated stations for cable crimping.


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Leading companies from many industries rely on the products and services of KHU Sondermaschinen. We have planned, designed, engineered, manufactured, built and started a high number of machines and plants for our customers.

The diversity of our past projects has enriched our experience, making us a competent and innovative partner the most challenging tasks.

Here is a list of a few chosen products.

Automated processing machines
Boring Machine for Special Screws
Milling and Boring Machine
Worm-Milling Machine
Production Plants
Can Closing Machine
Filter Production Plant
PVC Profile Extrusion
Testing Equipment
Crush Test
Torsion Test
Test Cell for thin metal sheet production
Paper Printing Machinery
Paper Web turning Equipment
Post- Press Packaging Facility
Longitudinal Perforation Machine
Plants for Chemical Industry
Gas Bottle Filling Plant
Can Closing Machinery
Assembly Facilities
Bogie Lifting Stand
Welding Facility for Stovepipes
Product development
Escalator Stair
Safety Carabines
Paste Extrusion
Dual Paste Extruder